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What is an insight card?
What is an insight card?

Insight cards are a visual output of your analysis. Learn more about the main components.

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Insight cards are collections of the most interesting, relevant, and actionable findings in your analysis and are commonly used to present them to your stakeholders.

Learn more about how to create insight cards and add verbatims to provide more context.

The anatomy of an insight card

Insight cards contain five primary components:

  1. A title and summary

  2. Recommended actions based on the included information

  3. Overall impact metric showing the overall impact from aggregated items on an insight card.

  4. Insight metrics preferences, allowing you to apply a preferred metric to your insight cards, such as relative difference, word frequency or percentage, and verbatim frequency or percentage.

  5. Any Custom Themes that you have created and included are highlighted on the insight card

  6. One or more linguistic features surfaced in the comparison along with their metrics, as selected in the filter above

  7. Verbatim examples from the analyzed text

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