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How to add verbatim examples to your insight card?
How to add verbatim examples to your insight card?

Including key quotes from your data is a great way to develop a narrative and add context.

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Adding relevant examples from your data set is a useful way to craft narratives and create more compelling insights.

There are two ways of adding verbatims to your insight card - from the insight card view or directly from the Explore tab, using Verbatim Finder.

Using Verbatim Finder

The simplest way to add verbatims to your insight cards is from Verbatim Finder in the explore view.

  1. As you explore the results of your analysis, select a topic to view key relationships and verbatims.

  2. Click on a tick box to select key quotes from your data. You can add multiple verbatims at once.

  3. Then, click on 'Create insight' to create a new card or 'Add to insight' to add to an existing one.

Relationships in Verbatim Finder show you how different words or phrases are related. Explore these connections to get more out of your data.

From the insight card view

Once you created your insight cards, the quote editor allows you to include the most interesting snippets to help illustrate your findings. You can also include specific metadata associated with the text to better communicate context to your stakeholders.

  1. Go into the insights view to see a collection of all cards created for your project and click on the plus button to view the selection of verbatim examples.

  2. To include relevant metadata points along with the example from the text, click the cog icon and check the boxes next to the metadata points you wish to include.

  3. Click the checkboxes next to the verbatims that you want to add to your insight card and select 'Add selected to insight' to confirm your selection.

    Editing your verbatims

    To select a snippet of a comment, hover over the quote and click the pencil icon to launch the quote editor. Then, click and drag to make your selection and click 'Confirm.'

    The quote editor can be moved anywhere on your screen by clicking the three lines and dragging the editor to the desired position.

Once all your verbatims are added, you can customize and download your insight cards.

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