Creating insight cards

Insight cards are used to organize, share and present the most interesting and actionable discoveries that surfaced in a comparison.

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Insight cards are a way to visualize your data and present your analysis. Showing the most relevant and actionable findings, they can be customized and downloaded from the insights screen.

Creating new insight cards

  1. Navigate to Explore and scroll through the results of your comparison

  2. When you find something that you want to include, click on the three dots next to a relevant linguistic feature and select 'Create insight.' Now, enter a title and description.

  3. The 'Add to insight' option allows you to add the discovery to an existing insight card - we recommend grouping related findings on a single insight to build out themes. To add more context, add verbatim examples and recommended actions.

  4. Alternatively, you can add multiple topics by ticking the desired items and selecting the lightbulb icon at the top of the screen.

Summaries and recommended actions

Summaries and actions allow you to communicate the so what? of your insight and make recommendations to stakeholders. The most appropriate action will depend on what you are trying to accomplish.

  1. To add an action, click the edit icon near the top of your insight card, add your text, and click 'Save.'

  2. You can also use our AI assistant to seamlessly generate the summary. Speak to your account team to find out more.

Once completed, you can add relevant verbatim to create more compelling insights.

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