Insight cards are the output of any project in the platform. They are collections of the most relevant insights that can be used to present your findings and develop action plans that will give your insights practical value.  They can be downloaded, presentation-ready, for easy sharing.

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Creating a new insight

  1. From the ‘Explore’ screen, use the sentence builder to navigate the results of the analysis 

  2. When you discover something you find interesting, click the three dots next to the topic, phrase, word, emotion or grammar element

  3. Click ‘Create insight’ to add it to a new insight card. If a relevant insight card is already created, instead select ‘Add to insight’ and then use the dropdown menu to select the insight card you wish to add to

Adding verbatim examples

It’s show-and-tell time! 

It’s great to have all the answers but sometimes people need a little convincing. Luckily for you, Relative Insight makes it easy to pull out the most relevant evidence from your language set. 🕵️

  1. Click 'View insights' to see a collection of all insight cards created for a particular project 

  2. Click ‘Add a quote’ to view a selection of verbatim examples for a particular language element

  3. Click the plus icon next to the verbatim(s) that you wish to add to your insight card. You can add a maximum of three


Time to put on your thinking cap! 🤔

Actions allow you to define the next steps for taking insights from theory into practice. The most appropriate action will depend on what it is you're trying to accomplish.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Testing geographic specific advertising copy 

  • Implementing an escalation process when customers use churn indicative language in live chats with support agents 

  • Updating or adding new buyer personas to support sales and marketing efforts 

  • Launching an advertising campaign that exploits the identified weak points of a competitor 

To add an action, simply click the + button next to 'Actions' near the top of your insight card.

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