The data library is home to all of the language sets that you’ve uploaded across your projects. It can be accessed from anywhere in the platform by clicking ‘Data Library’ on the top of your screen. 📚

Each project has its own folder. Clicking into a folder, you will see a list of all the associated language sets. 📂

Create new projects

In addition to the Projects Dashboard, you can also create new projects directly from the Data Library.

  1. Click 'New Folder'

  2. Enter a name for your project

  3. Click 'Create'

Upload data

You can also upload data directly to the Data Library.

  1. Click into the associated folder for the project you are uploading data for

  2. Click 'Upload'

  3. Choose your data source

  4. Attach your data file

Build questions

As an alternative to the question builder that can be accessed when creating a new project from the Projects Dashboard, you can also create questions directly within the Data Library.

  1. Ensure you have uploaded the relevant data files to the appropriate project folder

  2. Click on the name of one of the language sets you want to compare

  3. In the pop-up window, select the language set you want to compare against

  4. You will be brought to a preview of the comparison, click 'Save comparison' to save it

Managing your data

Hovering over a language set, you will be presented with several options:

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