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How do I create a new project and add comparisons?
How do I create a new project and add comparisons?

Learn how to create a new project from the Dashboard and add comparisons.

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All work in Relative Insight is organized into projects. A project is made up of one or more research questions that define what you want to learn and the comparisons you will analyze in order to do so.

Creating projects from the Dashboard

  1. Once you have uploaded your data, you will be taken to a Data Discovery screen. From there, simply click the 'Save as project' icon.

  2. Give your project a title and description. You can also choose an image to represent your project. Click 'Save.'


When you're ready, you can start to Explore your data or go back to the Dashboard to add more data sets.

Adding comparisons

By default, the Data Discovery page utilizes Standard English comparison to surface key trends and relationships in your data.

To add another data set and conduct a comparison, your data should already be in the platform - either by manually adding a data set to an existing project or creating splits.

  1. Click on the 'Explore your data' button.

  2. This will bring up a pop-up where you can see all data sets associated with your project. Select the relevant one and click 'Select.'You will then be taken to the Explore page where you can conduct a more thorough analysis.

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