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How to change the language of your analysis?
How to change the language of your analysis?

Choosing the language model for your analysis in Relative Insight.

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When you are analyzing text data that is in a language different than English, you can select the output language, while uploading a new data set.

Word and phrase analysis are available for all supported languages. Topical, grammar and emotional analysis are currently available for English, French, Spanish and German data.

  1. Navigate to Dashboard, then locate the correct file and drag and drop it into the upload screen or select it from the ‘Browse files’ option.

  2. On the next screen, you'll see the dataset language & cleaning options. The data language will be automatically set to 'English’.

  3. To change it, click on the arrow next to it and choose another language from the drop-down menu. You should only create comparisons for data sets with the same language label.

  4. You can also choose any data cleaning options if needed and then click ‘Continue.’

Remember to select your language option when uploading the data or you will need to re-upload it. Please do not compare two different languages together.

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