How do I get help?

Learn how you can get help using Relative Insight - from personalized support to training sessions and a host of self-help resources.

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We offer a host of services and resources to help you get the most from your subscription with Relative Insight.

Dedicated account management support

Your account team is here to help you uncover the best use cases for Relative Insight in your organization, train users, identify and source data and manage your projects in the platform.

Onboarding, Training and Support

We take pride in the level of customer service we provide. As part of a customer's new subscription, our Customer Success team will provide the following onboarding and training:

Initial Onboarding

  • 3x one-hour training sessions (per every 3 users)

  • Monthly 30-minute check-ins

Ongoing Support

  • 30 minutes of refresher training offered every 3 months

  • Monthly 30-minute check-ins

Professional services support

If you are finding you don't have the time or resources to manage your projects on a self-serve basis, we offer a managed service option in which our expert insight analysts will execute projects for you.

Visit our professional services page or get in touch with your account team to explore the options further.


If you are unable to find the information you are seeking, we have multiple avenues available to assist you.

Our chatbot is a great starting point if you require immediate guidance. It can provide you with helpful suggestions to direct you to the appropriate resources or, connect you with one of our dedicated support team members.

Support will be provided within UK and US business hours (9 am โ€“ 5 pm, Monday to Friday). The customers will have unlimited support for general issues.

24/7 Help Centre

Step-by-step guides and resources complete with screenshots and videos to help you set up projects, upload and manage data, explore and interpret the results of comparison, and more.

Fully searchable and available 24/7, we recommend this as your first stop for any questions about using the platform.

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