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How to create Custom Themes?
How to create Custom Themes?

Learn more about Custom Themes and add your expertise on top of our AI-generated topics to create reportable insights.

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Custom Themes give you the power to create your own categories, so you can better understand the specific needs of your customers. By selecting topics aligned with your industry's language, you eliminate complex workarounds and improve topic identification accuracy.

How to define Custom Themes?

  1. Go to 'Dashboard' from the main navigation and select the relevant project.

  2. In the Files tab, go to 'Custom Themes.' Here you can access and edit all of your existing themes.

  3. Click 'Create Theme' button to add another theme. Add a name and click the green tick to confirm.

  4. Then click on the three-dot menu and select 'Add item' to define your own words, topics, grammar or phases.

  5. You can also arrange the themes into sub-groups by dragging and dropping the desired words into order. Then, simply name your sub-theme and confirm with the green tick.

From Explore

  1. From the blue theme side panel, select an existing theme from the drop-down or create a new one by clicking the 'Create Theme' icon and then 'Create.'

  2. Drag and drop the relevant items into the side panel to form your bespoke set of themes.

  3. You can create sub-themes, by grouping together different items that belong to the same theme. Use the drag-and-drop functionality to select and move the desired items.


  4. Once your Custom Themes are ready, you can filter your topics to view your data by custom or standard topics.

You can add any of the Custom Themes that you have created into new or existing Insight Cards.

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