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Visualizing groups of comparisons with Heatmaps
Visualizing groups of comparisons with Heatmaps
Heatmaps is a multi-comparison visualization tool for mapping groups of comparisons and understanding where the biggest differences exist.
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Heatmaps are created via the Data Library and are a useful way to visualize the differences across multiple individual comparisons.

What is Heatmaps?

Heatmaps is a tool, accessible via the Data Library, for visualizing which pairs of data sets in a group are most and least different. The feature allows you to understand and comment on high-level trends in your data and prioritize comparisons to explore further.

Common uses

Creating a heatmap is especially useful when working with a large number of data sets as investigating each individual comparison is often impractical in such situations. Common uses include:

  • Competitor benchmarking (brand and product)

  • Customer segmentation

  • Geographic market comparisons

Creating a heatmap

A heatmap must include a minimum of three and a maximum of twenty data sets. All data sets must be contained within a single folder in the Data Library.

  1. Navigate to the Data Library and click the relevant project folder

  2. Select the checkbox next to the data sets you want to include in the heatmap

  3. Select the generate heatmap icon in the action menu at the top of your data list

  4. Name your heatmap and click 'Save.'

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