Relative Insight offers a range of options for uploading data into the platform through the user interface. We do not currently offer a public API for integrations, however, there are several options for automating the flow of data into Relative Insight.

We are actively exploring additional options for automated data imports that will be listed on this page as they become available.

When is data automation worth considering?

Setting up data automation will prevent you from having to manually upload new data using spreadsheets for every new project. Instead, the data will be automatically processed and ready for manipulation once you log in to Relative Insight. You can configure the automation to send data from your systems to Relative Insight at pre-defined intervals.

We particularly recommend considering data automation when you are performing regular time-based analyzes (e.g. tracking daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly changes in voice of the customer data) or are working with very large quantities of data (high word counts).

Sending data securely via an SFTP server or MySQL

Customers can automate the flow of data by sending it to Relative Insight via a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server or using MySQL.

The customer will bear full responsibility including any associated costs for sending the data to Relative Insight. Upon receipt, Relative Insight will process the data and upload it to the correct folder in a set format as agreed with the customer.

Custom API connections

In certain scenarios, we can collaborate to build custom API integrations. If you would like to explore this possibility, please contact

Who can I contact to discuss data automation options?

Get in touch with your dedicated account manager or email

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