To gain maximum insight from your language set, you may want to slice and dice it in a number of ways to run a series of comparisons using different criteria.

Example: Social Listening Data 

Consider social listening data that captures all mentions of your brand over the past two years. You can upload this language set in its entirety to Relative Insight.

You want to investigate three different comparisons:

  • European vs North American markets

  • This year vs last year 

  • Over 35s vs under 35s

Provided the relevant metadata points have been included with your language set, you’ll be able to split your language sets within the platform to run all of these scenarios. 

Splitting data sets ✂️

  1. Navigate to the Data Library 

  2. Select the relevant project folder

  3. Hover over the applicable language set and select ‘Split’

  4. From the dropdown, select the metadata point that you want to use as the basis of the split 

  5. Add as many conditions as desired, then click 'Finish it'

  6. Give the new language set a name and click 'Create the split'

Combining data sets

If you have uploaded several language sets that you want to combine into one, you can easily do so within the platform.

  1. Navigate to the Data Library 

  2. Select the folder for the relevant project 

  3. Select the checkboxes to the left of all the data sets you want to combine

  4. Click the combine icon at the top of the screen

  5. Review the details and click 'Finish up'

  6. Give your new language set a name and click 'Combine'

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