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How do I group and reorder questions?
How do I group and reorder questions?

Understand how to reorder questions and create question groups within a single project.

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The ability to reorder and group questions helps to keep your projects organized, particularly when you have analysis spread across a large number of comparisons.

What is a question group?

Question groups are collections of comparisons that share a common characteristic.

For example, you may wish to collect all age-based comparisons in one question group and geographic comparisons in another. There are no restrictions on how questions can be grouped.

Creating question groups

  1. Open a project in Explore, and go to the Analysis tab.

  2. Hover over any of the questions you want to include in the group, and click the question marks icon to create a group.

  3. Enter a name for the group and click ‘Save.’

  4. Hover over any questions you want to group, then click and drag to move the question to the desired group or position.

    Reordering questions

    Creating question groups is not required to reorder questions. Using the same click-and-drag action, simply reorder questions as needed.

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