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How do I customize and download my insight cards?
How do I customize and download my insight cards?

Learn how to customize and export presentation-ready insight cards to share with clients and stakeholders.

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Insight cards can be customized and exported easily within the platform.

Customizing and exporting insight cards

  1. Open a project, and click 'View' next to the applicable question. If already in Explore click 'Insights' in the top-right of your screen.

  2. Select the export insights icon at the top of your list of insight cards.

  3. Use the settings panel on the right of the screen to customize the appearance of your insight cards:

    • Add company logos

    • Amend color palette and font

    • Add or remove user avatars

    • Alter the orientation

    • Add, remove, or customize headers and footers

    • Enable or disable metadata labels on verbatims

  4. On the bottom right of the settings panel, go into 'Export as' and specify your desired export format. You can choose from PNG, JPG, SVG or PowerPoint. Then click 'Export insights' to download files to your desktop.

Exported insight cards are a great resource for sharing the work you’ve done on the platform and are frequently used in client pitches, presentations, and reports.

Other ways to present your insights

If you prefer another format, we've put together a PowerPoint template to make it easy to get your insights presentation ready.

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