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Exporting the data associated with a Heartbeat chart
Exporting the data associated with a Heartbeat chart

Learn how to export the data from your Heartbeat charts

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If you want to feed a Heartbeat chart into a reporting dashboard external to Relative Insight, you can export the associated data and feed it into the appropriate BI tool.

Exporting Heartbeat data

  1. Locate your Heartbeat chart by navigating to the 'Heartbeat' menu and selecting the 'Charts' tab. Then click to launch the relevant chart.

  2. Click the spreadsheet icon on top of the chart to export CSV

  3. The data will export in accordance with the settings you have selected at the bottom of the chart

Understanding the export

The date column includes the first date of each reporting period. For example, if you have selected monthly reporting, it will be the first date of each month.

The additional columns correspond to each of your sub-themes. The numerical values represent the proportion of messages from the applicable time period that included each sub-theme. A value of 0.012 would translate to 1.2%.

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