Every project in Relative Insight consists of five stages, but with so many potential use cases, knowing where to start can be a challenge.

To help you manage your project from conception to execution, consider taking some time upfront to set clear objectives. Based on our five-stage process, we have developed several questions which will help you identify the parameters for your insight project and ensure you are producing relevant research.

Locate relevant data

  • What data sources could contain relevant insights?

  • Do you (or your client) already have access to this data?

  • Do you require any help getting the data into the correct format?

Define your business question

  • Who are you interested in?

  • What do you want to learn?

  • Why are you undertaking this work?

Upload data and build comparisons

  • What format is your data in?

  • What metadata points are you going to use to split your data?

  • What comparisons do you want to analyze?

Uncover insights

Take action

  • Which stakeholders need to be brought into the conversation?

  • What barriers and obstacles do you foresee along the journey?

  • What outcomes can be attributed to this project?

Download our five-stage project tracker template to help you plan your project.

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