Comparison University is the Relative Insight training programme. Comprised of an ever-growing series of modules, Comparison University will help you get up to speed on all things language comparison and enable you to use the platform independently.

Users who complete Module 1: Introduction to Language Comparison & Module 2: Platform Basics will become certified users of Relative Insight and become eligible for future advanced training modules. 🧑🏽‍🎓 🙌🏿

Before undertaking any other modules, we suggest completing Module 1: Introduction to language comparison as this sets the foundation for understanding Relative Insight.

Click through to the relevant module page for more details, a full schedule of upcoming training sessions and to register.

Module 1: Introduction to language comparison

This module will help you understand Relative Insight's unique approach to qualitative analysis and how this can improve your research and insights processes.

Module 2: Platform basics

This module is aimed at equipping Relative Insight users with the skills to independently manage projects and data in the platform.

Module 3: Using Relative Insight for Pitches

This module helps agencies understand how Relative Insight can support the pitch process - saving you time and helping you showcase your expertise.

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