Standard English is our generic representation of the English language. It is built into the platform and can be used as a basis of comparison. 📓

We only recommend using the Standard English model if your intention is to understand a language set in comparison to a baseline model of English, or when a more appropriate comparison language set is unavailable. 

If using the Standard English in a comparison, be wary that it can produce misleading analysis. When this is done, ‘source specific language’ such as popular hashtags on Twitter are highly likely to surface as differences. 

In this example, you could replace the Standard English language set with one made up of tweets from Twitter users in general. This way, much of the Twitter specific language will be filtered out, and the relevant language traits of your consumer group will be much clearer.

How to compare against Standard English

When using the question builder, select ‘That’s all!’ to create a comparison against standard English.

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