Many sources of language data can be imported directly into the Relative Insight platform. 

If you have language data that you would like to analyse, but find it's not in one of these formats, you may be able to use the ‘Relative Insight ’ format to upload your data. 

To prepare your data for upload using this method:

  1. Download the template file 

  2. Enter the verbatim text data (open ended survey response, tweet etc.) in Column A. Each response should occupy its own row.

  3. Enter the date, if applicable, in Column B. If no date is associated or available with the data, leave this field blank. Ensure the field as been formatted as a 'date' in Excel (see a list of acceptable formats below)

  4. The remaining columns to the right can be used to attach metadata points to the text. Label each column to represent the metadata (e.g. gender, age, location). Once uploaded to the platform, this metadata can be used as the basis for splitting your language set

  5. Rename the file and save in XLSX or CSV UTF-8 format 

  6. Upload by selecting the ‘Relative Insight’ format

Acceptable date formats

If creating your spreadsheet in Excel, ensure the date column is formatted as 'Date'. This can be done on the 'Home' tab of your navigation.

So long as your date data is showing in one of these formats it will be accepted by Relative Insight when uploaded.

When uploading qualitative survey responses from multiple questions

  1. Add a metadata column titled ‘Question’

  2. Enter the associated question number for each verbatim response in the corresponding row 


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