They say there’s no such thing as a bad question…but some are certainly better than others.

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Creating questions is the way you use Relative Insight to make and analyse comparisons. For each question, you will need to upload associated language sets. 

As part of the project creation process, the question builder will help you do this.

1. Identify what it is you want to know

  • How people are discussing a brand 

  • How consumers discuss a topic 

  • How an audience talks (if you’re looking at a specific demographic or geographic group)

  • How a brand talks 

  • About the language of a data set 

Having trouble developing your question? Your dedicated Account Manager will be happy to help. 💬

2. Specify the brand, topic, audience or language set you are going to focus on

  • You'll be able to add the rest of the details of your comparison later 

3. Select the basis of your comparison 

  • Compare this to other brands/audiences/topics

  • Compare the same brand/audience/topic over time 

  • That’s all! (selecting this option will create a comparison against the Standard English model)

4. Specify the details of your comparison

  • If you want to compare across more than two brands/audiences/topics/time periods you can add them during this final step

If your language data is ready to go, you can upload it directly from the page where your questions are displayed.

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