A project is made up of one or more comparisons that address an overarching business problem. Projects can cover any number of potential use cases and your Relative Insight contract includes a set number of projects.

For more details on what makes up a project, download our one-pager using the relevant button below.

Create a new project

  1. Select ‘Projects’ from the navigation menu at the top of your screen

  2. Click ‘Create project’

  3. The platform will guide you through the process of naming your project, selecting a relevant image, defining the questions that form the basis of your comparisons and attaching relevant language sets

Completing projects

Once you are done with a project, it should be marked as complete. This allows you to keep your workspace organised while providing clear visibility into your usage. When a project is completed, it becomes read-only. You will continue to have access to the insights you have created but will not be able to add additional questions or language sets to that project.

Projects can be marked as complete in one of two ways:

1. Manually from the project dashboard screen by hovering over a project tile and clicking the checkered flag icon

2. Automatically, eight weeks following project creation

Reopening projects

We understand that sometimes projects take longer than eight weeks. If you feel a project should be reopened, please get in touch with your account manager.

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