A project relates to a business problem, a specific research area, or a brief from an internal stakeholder or a client. It consists of one or more research questions that define what you want to explore and the comparisons you will analyze.

Associated with each question may be:

Project guidelines

A project can include up to 15 individual data sets uploaded each month. Additional data set uploads or projects can be purchased.

Plan for a minimum of ten business days between the start of your contract and the completion of the first project. This will give you time to go through some training with your account team and source the data needed to complete the project.

Data support

Sometimes you may need help with data, and our dedicated Data Ops team can advise and provide support.

This includes working with our Customer Success team to help with ideation and identifying the most suitable data sources or preparing your data for analysis.

Your access to the Data Ops team will depend on your subscription level and is limited as outlined below:

Type of Project

  • Competitor Analysis – support with the data for the customer’s brand and up to four competitor brands.

  • Geographical Analysis – support with the data for up to five geographical locations.

  • Data Source Analysis – support with the data from one data source.

Please note that the analysis must be conducted within one project, and the areas of analysis cannot be combined.

Professional service support

Your Relative Insight subscription agreement will include a specific number of projects that can cover any use case. The level of support available on your projects will depend on the customer’s subscription.


Our Relative experts will provide guidance on sourcing data, performing analysis and generating actionable insights.

Time: Two hours of support per project.

Managed Service

Our Relative experts will provide full support in data gathering and manipulation. They will also perform the analysis within our platform to help you find actionable business insights.

Please note that we can support you with a maximum of two Managed Service projects per month.

Time: 10 hours of support per project.

Agency pitch projects

If your organization is an agency, your contract may include both standard projects and pitch projects. Pitch projects are focused on capturing high-level insights to support client pitches. They are comprised of a maximum of two comparisons.

Marking projects complete

Projects can be marked complete from the dashboard screen by clicking the checker flag icon on a project tile. If a project remains open for eight weeks, the platform will automatically mark them as complete. The project will remain accessible on a read-only basis.

If you think a project should be reopened, please reach out to your account manager.

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