All work in Relative Insight is organized into projects. A project relates to a single:

  • Business problem

  • Research area

  • Stakeholder or client brief

A project is made up of one or more research questions that define what you want to learn and the comparisons you will analyze in order to do so.

Associated with each question may be:

  • Data sets for each side of the comparison

  • An analytical output associated with the comparison from which users can explore the results of the analysis

  • Insight cards – visualized collections of the most interesting and relevant differences and similarities in a particular comparison

  • Heatmaps a visual representation showcasing which data sets in a group of 3 or more are most and least different

Projects can cover any use case and your Relative Insight subscription agreement will include a specific number of projects. The level of support available on your projects will depend on the level of service that you have purchased.

A single project can include up to 15 individual data sets from a maximum of three unique data sources. Competitor analyzes can include up to ten organizations and geographic comparisons can include up to five markets.

Learn how to create and manage projects in the platform.

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