What is Relative Insight?

Relative Insight is a comparative text analytics platform that helps organizations leverage words as a source of business intelligence.

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Relative Insight is a text analytics platform that uses natural language processing and comparative linguistics to reveal the differences, frequencies and similarities between data sets to bring measurable metrics to your qualitative text data.

Most commonly, Relative Insight uses AI text analysis software to surface why your key business metrics, such as CSAT or NPS fluctuate.
Because so much of what we say and write is made up of commonly used words - it's the differences found in open text that can reveal the drivers behind the changes.

Relative Insight reveals the reasons behind the changes bu reading a text data set, recording all of the linguistic features (topics, phrases, words, emotion, and grammar), and then comparing the prevalence of each feature against a relevant benchmark.

This approach incorporates context into your analysis in ways that traditional frequency-based text analysis does not.

Leading brands and agencies use Relative Insight to analyze unstructured text data at scale for:

  • Voice of the customer analysis

  • Customer experience insights

  • People analytics

  • Conversational analytics

  • Survey analysis

  • Market research

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