Relative Insight is a text analytics platform that uses natural language processing and comparative linguistics to reveal the differences, frequencies and similarities in how audiences, brands and organizations speak.ย 

Because so much of what we say and write is made up of commonly used words (if, and, the, but etc.) - it's the differences that are truly insightful and relevant. Relative Insight reveals what makes a brand, product or audience segment unique by 'reading' a text data set, recording all of the linguistic features (topics, phrases, words, emotion and grammar) and then comparing the prevalence of each feature against a relevant benchmark.

This approach incorporates context into your analysis in ways that traditional frequency-based text analysis (think word clouds) does not.

Further, our discovery-based approach helps to eliminate the confirmation bias that comes with hypothesis-driven searching by revealing the 'unknown unknowns'.

Leading brands and agencies use Relative Insight to analyze unstructured text data at scale for the purposes of:

  • Voice of the customer analysis and insights (survey open-ends, reviews)

  • Market research and topical trend tracking

  • Competitor intelligence and benchmarking

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